by Lori Hein

42 x 49″

Quilted by Karen Matteson and Karan Derby

I lived on my husband’s family homestead for almost 30 years and understand the process of farming.  I always want city dwellers to see and appreciate the process of how they get much of what they enjoy of the final product.
My quilt shows the process of getting the fabric from the field on the farm to town. The center is the farm homestead or plantation.  On the right side you have the garden, windmill, barnyard and barn.  Below it is a photo of the actual combine harvesting cotton at the same time it makes it into a large round bale wrapped in yellow plastic.  Going clockwise you come to the semi-truck hauling it to town.  The town is it’s final destination where you have a cotton mill and quilt shop where the product is sold on bolts of fabric.  I chose American flag colors and stars and stripes to show where this fabric is being made.


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