We started American Made Brand with one desire: to reach back to the proud tradition of American textiles and produce a fabric entirely sourced and manufactured in the United States. OurStory_03
OurStory_05 Farmers cultivate our cotton in fields across the great cotton growing regions of the southern and western United States.
Currently over 70% of US grown cotton goes directly onto cargo ships for foreign markets. Our cotton heads straight to American mills where world-class machinery spills out smooth cotton yarn. OurStory_08
OurStory_09 From yarn to fabric: we sourced one of the oldest continually-operating weavers in the country to construct American Made Brand greige goods.
The foundation complete, we turn to yet another American business – among the largest dyeworks remaining in the US – to add the color, the finish and the beauty. OurStory_12
AMB 10' Backdrop_v1 From farm to fabric, from us to you – We salute the farmers, the spinners, the weavers, the dyers, the crafters and the sewists.